Zanti Therapies

Bringing you in to the present moment… the only place where life exists

Zanti Therapies

Bringing you in to the present moment… the only place where life exists

Testimonials from students

This woman is truly amazing ! Kate, in the space of just 5-6 massage sessions, has not only highlighted the inadequacies of virtually every other massage I have ever had over the best part of 30 years, but has changed significantly my mobility, freedom and wellbeing. My posture now, does not bear any resemblance to what it once was, my movement is freer and comfortable and in a bizarre way, I feel more confident as a person as a result. My weekly one hourly session with Kate has almost become a therapy session for me, as I always know that the man that leaves after each session is a better man that the one that arrived ! I have a minor heart problem, made worse by my poor posture and generally high blood pressure with complicated life and business pressures. However, Kate’s treatments not only significantly improved me physically but also psychologically with my medical issues already significantly improving as a direct result I may even take up yoga now as well ! As I said AMAZING !

– John H

“After a practice with Kate I always feel energised, calm and balanced. As so many of the techniques that Kate has taught me carry over into my everyday life the benefits are far reaching.
Gradually the various niggles and reduced mobility I assumed were inevitable with advancing years are melting away.”
– Meryl

“I have taken weekly one-to-one classes with Kate for 6 months now and would thoroughly recommend her. The practice of Zanti Yoga has removed all the pains I had in my lower back, I am stronger, more flexible and happier in myself. It has being nothing short of transformational. “
John P

”I have been doing yoga with Kate for two years, and her excellent teaching has made me go back for more. Yoga can be more strenuous than you think, but Kate’s gentle and encouraging approach helps me to work within my limits, but also makes me stronger! I used not to be very flexible, but you wouldn’t believe how bendy I am now. My sciatica and backpain are a thing of the past! If you are in two minds about joining Kate’s classes, don’t be, she really is a superb teacher, and yoga has been life transforming for me as it can be for you too.”
– Laura
”I tried Yoga as an aid to recovery and strengthening after years of problems with my back. Kate created a bespoke conditioning programme to help with my back, I then joined her class and moved on to more general Yoga. Kate is an exceptional teacher. Her knowledge and experience is so complete she is able to fully describe postures and positions and how to move into them. Kate is aware of the pitfalls that sometimes creep into practice and is able to correct these by simple observation and description in class. My back is better than it has been for years and I would have no hesitation in recommending her classes from beginner to advanced.”
– Phil

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